Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Revanche "- Best Foreign Language Film-Palm Springs International Film Festival

From national submissions to the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film, a jury of FIPRESCI selected – at the Palm Springs International Film Festival (USA, January 6-19, 2009) – the Best Foreign Language Film of 2008:

Revanche by Götz Spielmann (Austria, 2008),
"The suspenseful story of a heist whose unexpected repurcussions
radiate out with satisfying moral complexity" (jury member Lisa Nesselson).

The jury decided also prizes for best actor/actress.

Best actor: Natar Ungalaaq in The Necessities of Life
(Ce qu'il faut pour vivre, directed by Benoit Pilon, Canada 2008).
"Though not a trained actor, Natar Ungalaaq brings rare warmth
and icy clarity to his role as an Inuit hunter culturally and emotionally
marooned in at TB hospital in 1940's Quebec" (juror Roger Clarke).

Best actress: Martina Gusman in Lion's Den
(Leonera, directed by Pablo Trapero, Argentina/South Korea/Brazil, 2008).
"Martina Gusman masters every scene of Lion's Den,
expressing extreme emotions with restrained intensity and subtly conveying
her character's transformation from passivity to power over the course
of her ordeal" (jury member Peter Keough), informs FIPRESCI

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