Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forget about good cinema , the corporates are redefining the movie viewing experience of audiences

The Anil Ambani led Reliance group has entered the film Industry in a big way RelianceADAGroup of Anil Dirubhai Ambani says their Big Motion Pictures is India's first motion picture studio with a countrywide presence and a vision to create movies that entertain Indian—and global—audiences. ….Big Motion Pictures is poised to redefine the movie viewing experience of audiences. The company has established world-class production facilities that will offer a platform for unfettered creativity and cutting-edge filmed entertainment content. With a production pipeline exceeding 40 films, Big Motion Pictures is poised to become a dominant player in one of the world's fastest growing film industries.” .The corporatisation in film making will hamper the true spirit of film making .To down play this aspect the corporate houses are signing agreement with filmmakers from regional languages including those who got recognition under the pretext as “ Messiahs of good cinema “ . They too have declared that film making is for money making .. They are still playing in the space of good cinema .They have the backing of super stars of regional language films. The corporatisation in film making in turn will result in increasing the production expenses to an unimaginable range. The result would be the end of aesthetically conceived small budget films which are even now struggling for existence .There are number of good films ,won national and international acclaims , which are yet to be released because the production-distribution-exhibition mafia has already decided to convert this art form into a pucca money making profitable entertainment and not to allot screening time for non commercial ventures...The hard earned money or the money taken as loan is waiting in ‘cans ‘in the form of film reels , instead of screening it in Cannes. They are in doldrums . The Corporates have finally decided to create movies that entertain Indian—and global—audiences. Another theatre group , Pyramid Saimira , the largest theatre chain company having around 500 screens now planning to open 2000 screens in 1500 locations. Pyramid Saimira Production International Limited, the production arm of Pyramid Saimira Group, has announced that it will be producing a total of 52 films this year .The question is where will small budget film makers screen their works. Film making has become a product similar to oil ,steel or cement . Almost all cinemas are being purchased by real estate mafias or converted into Auditorium /marriage halls. Now the corporates are building Multiplexes in a big way mainly to screen their products. Is India has a film policy ?or the rulers have buried good cinema ? I think there should be a hue and cry and the attention of Govt of India drawn. Only a public outcry can thwart the monopoly of multi-trans national corporates entering the film industry in a big way. Political parties raising their voices against the entry of the multi national firms in the consumer market should discuss this in their party forum and take initiative and support this endeavor before the Capital Finance Mafia redefine the movie viewing experience of audiences.

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